With the chilling weather expected to get worse its a good practice to protect your homes plumbing system from freezing.

Be sure to drip the cold and hot water at your kitchen faucet and a faucet in the bathroom.

If you have an ice maker make sure its set to make ice so that there is continuous flow through the line.

If your home is on a crawlspace be sure to close up any openings you may have.

If your kitchen sink sits on an exterior wall open the doors of the cabinet to let the warm air from your home inside.

Don't forget to remove any garden hoses that might be attached to your outdoor faucets. Also consider covering your outdoor faucets with insulation. If you have shut offs on them then shut them down for the winter months.

Consider having insulation and Frostex installed on any at risk piping, such as exposed pipe in the crawl space or exposed pipe in an area like the garage.

Be prepared and stay warm!